CYPHERPUNK LTD is a private limited company on the UK Companies House registry for England. We are open to approaches from the following classes of potential investors only at this time due to the law in England and Wales: High Net Worth individuals (individual legal capacity) Ultra High Net Worth individuals (via family office arrangements etc) Professional Investors Institutional Investors  We are unable to discuss with any person or entity unable to satisfy one or more of the criteria above investing in any way or form at this time. If the above interests you contact .

Earth Human Planetary Ascension

We like to Think BIG ! ;~) "Wow! Thank you for the info... the pdf encryption guide is awesome... I have had a hard time visualizing the methods and this one works for me very well. Gonna be reading lots. I doubt I will ever feel that silence is not the best encryption, but this will do! lol" And this will make all that follows, so much more FUN. 


In a word, this word: Magic ;~) Our REAL ID is here ;) Boring Non-Crypto-Corporate ID from Companies House;


Cypherpunk Ltd operates under strictest security protocols in all that it does, to contact us please use the public key that follows.  If you wish to approach us about any crypto-project, deal or joint venture, but do not know what this is or how to use it, we do not want to hear from you and suggest you drop your crypto-idea until you have some actual practical understanding of the basics of crypto. ;) Read on. ;) -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBF5mZKYBEADlNS1r4nu/eysOmltfqVhigEODq6VNcORlQtkBLO2QbKR9veIf wAihAwuPs1c6XW6xAdjQnKOzn88k8clzPB4XDrQj3Jsch1vxNSimSRgy/BwQrmjk 9xUGzLussh94YmMSqUgFROgF5NH8QYuxLhjmLLkEPQIPzcQ/vXhRBM//ODS33dsQ aMuuUeK533s+JWAh5YKyg85HfUReB8p6tiNyVjljRwlw2foCMAXdUBQEtu+Zjuml U+FE+q8OxygzffKk2uDi0q3/97uehaShcDKVnizJlO31VughWFDxQ7OHIl4euivF uuMQFLm/UW2rSH1QqgdbzZ8/Z6xQNyGAOOopwaUv3Tuse3RawSSwyPMcg9dQoso9 sZcDQ8HvNaLXutYWlx0nnr138veCCWqSohsmZ78A/JjlV8tSj5MfuIcSOhIV3M2k LqdH2cV64vr3wBjQ/U80oFzBxE0IZciO631b1rQBzjGgK1BcL2VU2Zg0SgL4t4AI lzAcHHCD0+FkVAqLaQJxBqyf