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LIVE DRAFTING (Status = DRAFT) QUANTUM LEAP  your Internet experience as a  *windows user*  off  the  PAY-FOR-EVERYTHING  world wide web (www)  onto  the SUPER-COOL, SHINY-SEXY NEW LINUX  LONG-TERM SERVICE  software user   PAY FOR NOTHING  WWW with all AND just the world's BEST ' must have '  FREE SOFTWARE INSTALLED  often ALSO CONFIGURED auto-magically too! The script is a computer program written in the BASH language. It is made available by CYPHERPUNK LTD using the BUY BUTTON on the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE to turn your Mr Vaccine wanna-be-gazillionaire, Windoze, PC or Laptop into simply put,  LINUX :  WAR WINNING  WIZARDRY ! It installs at your command, only all the very best (and none of the worst) free software available from the current repositories for the version of Linux it is designed for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (may run on other versions and linux distro's - untested atm). And contains all the links and tutorial references on the web, you need, to install Ubuntu 20